The original Australian solution

As gel blaster enthusiasts we would be the last to say they are not fun but, they can also be terribly annoying. For anyone that has played with a blaster even just one time, the fun part is self-explanatory. The annoying part, however, is a little more complicated but put simply it is mostly related to the current primary source of gel blasters sold in Australia which is synonymous with poor quality control and cheap manufacturing process heavily focused on quantity. As a result, most current blasters only survive a few game days or less without a serious malfunction or defect and replacement parts readily available to Australians are unfortunately just as bad.
Replacing broken components with equally bad or slightly better replacement over and over is not only annoying but also expensive.
Did not want to lead with expensive but, anyone who is seriously into gel blasters knows they are a money pit. There are better components available but for a number of reasons they can be extremely hard to get, and quite expensive.
So, we decided to turn to the original Australian solution. Living on a continent surrounded by oceans Australians have always been somewhat isolated, but not unresourceful! One can almost imagine the first colonists saying "we'll make our own" when their supply ships did not arrive.
And that is exactly what we at Mk Tactical Hobbies have set out to do, our designs are nearing completion, our workshop and machinery are being set up...
"We'll make our own" and we will supply it at a fair price!