Small delay - Big improvements!

Small delay - Big improvements!

Designing, developing and producing a first all Australian CNC gel blaster v2 gearbox shell wasn't without challenges but we managed to overcome all of them and the final result was pretty impressive.
However, more than 6 months ago, when we first set out to make this product we had a clear vision of our product with an objective that it wouldn't just be the first Aussie made v2 gel blaster gearbox casing, or great - it had to be the best!

If you want "the best" product you cannot just rely on your own opinion because what is "the best"  can be just as subjective as, what is "beautiful". So, once we thought our product is great we decided to put that opinion to a test.
Lucky for us, since we announced we were in the final stages of releasing this product there has been a lot of interest in gel blaster community and we had some incredibly positive feedback and words of encouragement from customers but also from modders.

In the past week or so we've had many discussions with some well known and talented modders, and given them a sneak peek at our product asking a simple question; How do we make this the best gel blaster CNC shell?
And we are pleased to say that we have received some incredibly good feedback both on what we did so far and also amazing suggestions on how we can improve further. Of course, there would be no point in asking for suggestions if we were not prepared to implement them immediately! 

Design changes proposed by the modders are relatively small and quick to implement but also significant improvements, and we are already on it! 

Yes, there will be a delay in production but only a short one and it will be so worth it!

Before we conclude this post we'd like to publicly acknowledge and express our thanks to all the modders who came on board in this round and emphasise how much your valuable feedback is appreciated.
Modders who did not take part in this round are always welcome to get in touch and come on board for the next round.