Wells -



This should be common sense but...
Please DO NOT use Wells OEM screws to fit the grip, they are screws for plastic and will ruin the thread! Use M3 screws of same length or ones supplied with your aftermarket grip.

Gearbox internals:

  • Piston: Wells OEM piston is oversized with the diameter nearly 1mm larger than standard so it cannot be used in standard V2 gearboxes
  • Tappet plate: OEM Wells tappet plate has a legacy "beak" that needs to be cut or filed off before it can be used with our or any non-Wells gearbox. Additionally, the tappet plate is again nearly 1mm wider than standard V2 tappet and will, therefore, need to be sanded lightly from both sides. Use fine sandpaper and check for fit after about 4-5 swipes, repeat if required.

If you are using Wells Cylinder head than you also have to use Wells cylinder and tappet plate.


Our gearbox does not have a "nose" like Wells stock gearbox so a 2 minute mod is required. All you have to do to fit our gearbox in your Wells receiver is:
remove tabs marked in the photograph with a file or other tool of your choosing.

Wells receiver modification instructions